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Virtual Estate Planning Services

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you already know that I’m 99% virtual. But here’s something you may not know. . . I’m not virtual just because Covid came and changed the way we did ev-er-y-thing. (Okay, admittedly that has greased the wheels. WAY more people can operate Zoom now.)

Of course, 2020 brought us a crash course in all things virtual, and 2021 helped us hone that a bit further. Businesses and firms have gotten WAY creative with ways to interact meaningfully with clients and even increase the value and convenience we offer. While not everyone is a fan, many have welcomed the change.

I am TOTALLY one of them.

See, even before I “opened my doors,” I knew that I wanted Emerald Law to operate virtually,

(Here’s where I actually admit that I’m a HUGE introvert/homebody, and I totally just love being in a tee, leggings, and bare feet. And eating all. day. long. But wait, there’s more. . . ) You see, some time ago, my husband and I had put off our estate planning (surprise!) because it was just so. dang. hard to synchronize our busy schedules and spare the time off work to meet and discuss with an estate planning attorney.

But I also KNEW that this wasn’t okay.

This personal experience frustrated me, and I also knew there was another way. If I were to carry out my dream of making more people see the value of estate planning in preparing for the future, I should make my services as an estate planning lawyer accessible and available, not excluding busy, working clients.

The solution? Virtual estate planning services! I have briefly talked about ELC being virtual here, but here are a few more things on the matter that would help clients and potential ones understand how virtual estate planning works.


Talk virtual to me. . .

Surprise: It’s actually not that different!

In essence, the virtual estate planning process is pretty much identical to the usual in-person estate planning process. We use a variety of methods to meet, share, and communicate--phone calls, video meetings, emails, texts, and the use of our secure online client portal. No need to be somewhere else to do this! Just stay where you are; let’s get to know each other remotely!

There’s one exception to this virtual life. When it’s time to execute (that is, sign your documents), you’ll typically need to do this in person. Not in St. Louis? No problem, and no travel necessary. We’ll discuss your options with you up front.

What’s in it for you?

If it isn’t clear yet, virtual estate planning is truly a convenient way (if not the most convenient!) of getting an estate plan and securing your future!

  • It’s easy and practical.

There’s no need to leave the comfort of your home or office and drive (through traffic, possibly) to meet with me every time a consultation is necessary. We can get things done online--no advanced tech skills needed!

  • It adjusts to your schedule.

Virtual estate planning is all about flexibility. Unlike with in-person estate planning where you have to take some time off work or such other duties to meet your attorney (been there, done that!), virtual estate planning demands nothing of that from you. Since everything is conducted online, there is no need to follow a strict schedule to set your estate plan in motion. Your schedule and availability are what we work with! Um, and can I add that snacks, beverages, and comfy clothes are always welcome! (Full disclosure: You’ll totally see my kids and/or my cat at some point, I’m quite sure! I’d love to see yours, too!)

  • It’s cost-effective.

Because virtual estate planning does away with repeated face-to-face meetings, trips to your attorney’s office, and whatnot, expenses are substantially minimized. Personally, this set-up also makes it so much easier for me to adopt the flat fee approach in charging clients for their plans, which definitely contributes to the reasonableness and practicality of the entire process. Minimal cost, maximum benefits!

Sign me up, Buttercup!

To start, go ahead and drop me a line! You may also choose to sign up for an online consultation by clicking this link.

Looking forward to virtually meeting you and eventually working with and for you as we come up with your estate plan!


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