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You worked hard for what you have. 
Protect it.

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estate planning 

for all women.

Estate planning isn't just for old rich white men anymore (yep, I said it). It's for YOU too. Maybe especially for you. Why? Women live longer, are in caregiving and supportive roles more often, and are historically ignored by the estate planning world. But no more. 

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Hi I'm Tara, a wife, mother, and estate planner. I know that the thought of estate planning can seem daunting, even stressful.  My goal is to make this process everything you never thought it could be.


Informative? You betcha!

Fun? Give it a try. 

Schedule a time to chat.


I prepare women for...


  • Powers of Attorney

  • Advance Healthcare Directives 

  • Temporary Guardianship Designations

  • Household Emergency Binder

the future.

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Guardianship Designations

  • Asset Transfers

  • Digital Asset Management

their legacy.

  • Sharing Values and Dreams

  • Charitable Giving

  • Building Generational Wealth

  • Video, Audio, or Written Messages

you've planned your life, now let's protect your  



a myth-busting blog

When it comes to estate planning, I'm here to be your guide. Here, I'm sharing the answers to some commonly asked questions (and debunking a few myths while I'm at it!)

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Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women. 

-Maya Angelou

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