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flat fee & upfront pricing.


Estate planning is important for all families--so it should be accessible and affordable for all families too.

Emerald Law believes in the value of planning ahead (obviously!). But for you to plan ahead, you need all the information upfront.


This applies to your legal fees, too!

During your consultation, we’ll discuss both your goals and your options. I’ll give you a flat fee price for solution that you feel fits you best. Before you sign anything, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to be spending (and determine if one of our payment plans would help). You can even learn about financing.

If you decide down the road that you’d like additional services, we’ll talk about it and come up with a plan that works for you—without resorting to hourly billing.

and i can help

less stress, less worry.

No unknown costs. No surprises. No worrying about how much I might nickel and dime you (spoiler alert: I won’t!). Have a pressing question? You can reach out to me without worrying that it'll go on your bill.

emphasis on quality.

Upfront pricing and transparency allow me to focus on your needs without tracking my time or trying to stay within a budget. My time and energy are instead spent ensuring that you receive the highest quality service.

efficiency & integrity.

Flat fees actually encourage efficiency! With traditional hourly billing, the more time they take, the more money they make. Instead, I'll work at the speed your plan actually needs. And . . . I won’t tack on extra charges for things like postage or emails.

at Emerald Law, you'll never be charged for:

  • Phone calls, emails, and faxes

  • Video conferencing

  • Standard postage

  • Secure, online client portal

  • Payment fees

  • My research

are you interested in a payment plan?

  • No interest, fees or prepayment penalty. 

  • Only pay 20% down when you sign your engagement letter. The rest is split into equal payments over 6 months.

  • Payments are automatic, using the credit card you designate--no checks to mail!

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