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Flat Fee Estate Planning Services

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Here at Emerald Law, planning ahead is everything. (I mean, it’s literally our business!)

If you have browsed through this website, then you may have already come across that page where I briefly talked about how I charge clients for estate planning services. (I’m talking about this one here!)

Basically, I follow a flat fee model when clients engage me for my estate planning services. What does this mean? That means you know UP FRONT what you’ll be investing for your estate planning process and documents.

So here’s the low down on our flat fee model:

No traditional hourly billing.

My aim really is to make estate plans affordable for everyone, and this is simply not possible if I opt for the traditional model of charging clients by the hour. With the traditional hourly billing, research, follow-ups, and even mere phone calls and email exchanges are timed and charged against the client. The result? A grand total that—from my standpoint, at least—is sometimes just a little too much.

The flat fee model offers an estate plan that will not break the bank. This also allows clients like you to approach me freely, without having to worry about the corresponding cost. Definitely, as an estate planning lawyer, my responsibility is more than just designing your estate plan; it also involves helping you understand estate planning as a concept and process, and just being readily available for you in general, should there be any question or concern.

No hidden fees and surprise charges.

I don’t want you to worry about additional charges and hidden fees upon completion of the plan. After we determine the strategy that’s best for you, you’ll know exactly what your investment will be. No surprises, no “mystery charges,” no nickel-and-diming.

If, eventually, you find you want to change things up a bit (say, include new estate planning tools to keep up with life’s milestones), we can always chat and come up again with another price that fits you best.

But wait, there’s more!

Yep. I said it. But there really IS more.

A flat fee estate plan means an undoubtedly simpler and more straightforward process,

without having to allot the time and energy to track hours worked, calculate cost, and make the necessary billing and accounting for my clients. Instead, time is spent in understanding your needs in order to provide a professional and efficient estate planning service that every client deserves. Efficiency is prioritized, instead of “billable hours.” Basically, this set-up allows me to focus on what is essential: you and your plan.


Interested in a flat-fee estate plan? Let’s talk!

To start, head on to this link for a virtual consultation. You can also choose to contact me by clicking this link.

No worries—this is going to be casual, no pressure, and absolutely free!

I look forward to hearing from you and, eventually, coming up with an estate plan for and with you!


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